If you’ve visited our booth at Wichita farmers’ markets, local events, or at Orie’s Garlic Fest, you know we grow a ton of garlic.  Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of all the varieties we’re growing along with their culinary attributes and suggestions for use.

Artichoke Type

These softneck garlic bulbs are typically (although not always) more mild in flavor, larger, and have longer storage life due to their tightly adhered clove wrappers.  Cloves form in layers similar in shape to an artichoke.

California Early semi-rich flavor with a little bite. this variety is originally from Gilroy, CA. try slicing it & baking with vegetables!

Early Red Italian  a little pungent with semi-rich flavor and a light bite. try it in pestos, sauces, and even raw!

Inchelium Red this mild yet flavorful variety is a top-rated softneck for taste. try it in everyday cooking minced, grated, or pressed!

K’s Backyard  rich, Italian flavor. a rare variety from New Mexico. try it in traditional spaghetti sauce!

Lorz Italian  an heirloom with bold, lasting flavor. often considered “a real garlic lover’s garlic”. try it in pomodoro sauce over sweet potato noodles!

Lukak  rich yet mild flavor with no bite. originally from the Czech Republic. try it in stir-fries & sautés!

Oregon Blue  pleasantly spicy with all around great flavor raw or cooked. try it in tacos or enchiladas!

Polish White  deep, rich flavor with a little bite. large cloves. try it roasted and added to hummus!

Red Toch mild flavor with very little heat. rich but mellow. try it grated into olive oil and used as dip for crusty bread!

Susanville moderately pungent with mild flavor. try using it in pickles!

Transylvanian this variety, as the name suggests, is originally from Romania. it boasts a spicy, sharp bite. try it to keep vampires away!

Silverskin Type

This softneck group of garlics that has extremely long storage, often easily keeping a year or more

California Select  mild, rich flavor with no bite.  try it in chili!

Nootka Rose an heirloom variety with strong flavor. try it in frittatas!

Sicilian Silver hot raw flavor that becomes smooth when cooked.  try it in pasta sauce!

Silver White mild flavor that makes this one a lovely all-purpose garlic.  try it grated into your favorite recipes!

Creole Type

These hardneck garlics are uniquely flavored and have brightly colored clove wrappers.  Most of these varieties originated from Spain.  In our climate, these garlic bulbs tend to stay on the smaller side, but what they lack in size, they make up for in flavor! Stores for roughly 6 months.

Ajo Rojo  intensely hot raw flavor that becomes creamy and mild when roasted.  beautiful red clove wrappers.  try it in gumbo and veggie stew!

Burgundy this pretty variety has dark burgundy clove wrappers, sweet flavor, and stores longer than other Creole types. try it in salad dressings and marinades!

Creole Red unique, shallot-like flavor with a slight pungency.  storage on the shorter side (4-6 months).  try it grated into everyday recipes!

Native Creole this variety has a nice bite without being overly hot.  great raw flavor.  try it with chicken!

Porcelain Type

A hardneck type with satiny white bulb wrappers, large cloves, and flavor profiles ranging from robust & spicy to mild & subtle. Stores for around 6 months.

Armenian  wonderfully rich flavor with a healthy bite.  outstanding raw flavor.  easy to peel cloves.  try it in a quinoa pilaf!

Georgian Crystal this one is very mild yet flavorful raw without much hotness. long storing.  try it in pesto, hummus, and homemade ranch dressing!

Georgian Fire strong raw taste that is pleasantly hot. lingering hotness.  try it in salsa and salad!

German White Stiffneck robustly flavored with an aftertaste that sticks around.  long storing.  try it in soups!

Iowa German White strong flavor with large cloves.  long storing.  try it in soups!

Leningrad rich, hot flavor that starts mild then intensifies, often described as “a taste you won’t forget!”.  try it in any recipe where you want garlic flavor to shine!

Music hot when raw; starchy & sweet when roasted.  long storing.  try it roasted and smeared on a baguette!

Romanian Red hot & pungent with a long lasting bite.  large cloves.  try it with lamb!

Purple Stripe Types

These hardnecks are gorgeous with purple streaking and blotching on both the clove and bulb wrappers.  Along with Standard Purple Stripe, there are two subgroups of this category: Glazed Purple Stripe and Marbled Purple Stripe. Their characteristics are similar enough that we feel comfortable compiling them together. These types offer scapes in the spring and the bulbs are very well suited to roasting. Storage is about 6 months.

Chesnok Red  one of our most popular varieties, this is considered the best roasting garlic, turning sweet and creamy.  full flavor with a slight aftertaste. easy to peel cloves. try roasting it and adding it to almost anything!

Persian Star a little spicy but not too sharp. try it raw in salad dressing!

Brown Tempest strong and hot when raw, but the flavor mellows considerably when cooked. easy to peel cloves.  try it minced into everyday recipes!

Purple Glazer warm, sweet flavor with a pleasant aftertaste. try it roasted or raw!

Khabar nice raw flavor with a burst of heat.  mild and creamy when roasted.  try it roasted and added to noodles!

Metechi  fiery raw flavor with a nice finish. sweetens when roasted.  larger cloves.  try it in mashed potatoes!

Northe  fairly hot flavor when raw that becomes mild when cooked. try it in enchiladas!

Elephant Garlic

This mega-sized bulb is actually a member of the leek family and has similar mild flavor.  Try it in everyday cooking!