Garlic: Allium sativum

There are two sub-groups of Allium sativum: hardneck garlic and softneck garlic. Hardnecks form an edible flower stalk, or scape, in the springtime. Softnecks do not. Within each sub-group, there are several types of garlic. Four types have grown well consistently for us in Kansas: Porcelain, Purple Stripe, Artichoke and Silverskin. Each of these types has several varieties, or strains.

Find an updated list of our 2019 varieties below, along with their culinary attributes and suggestions for use. All Orie’s Farm Fresh garlic is grown on our 8 acre urban farm in Wichita, Kansas using regenerative practices (no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides).

Porcelain Type

A hardneck garlic with satiny white bulb wrappers, the largest cloves of any other garlic type, and mostly robust & strong flavor profiles. Easier to peel than most other types. Forms edible scapes in spring roughly 3-4 weeks before harvest. Highest allicin content among garlic types.

STORAGE LIFE - 6 to 8 months from harvest


Armenian: Wonderfully rich flavor when cooked; has a slight, agreeable bite when eaten raw. Try it in lamb dishes!

German Extra Hardy: Super robust flavor with an aftertaste that sticks around. Try it in chili!

Montana Zemo: Strong yet pleasant when raw; rich and nutty when cooked. Try it raw in salad dressings or sliced with slow-cooked brisket!

Music: Somewhat hot when raw; starchy & sweet when roasted. Try it roasted and smeared on a baguette!

Northern White: Hardy and strong flavored with a lingering taste. Try adding it to your favorite winter soups!

Purple Stripe Types

These hardnecks are gorgeous with purple streaking and blotching on both the clove skins and bulb wrappers.  Along with Standard Purple Stripe, there are two subgroups of this category: Glazed Purple Stripe and Marbled Purple Stripe. Their characteristics are similar enough that we feel comfortable compiling them together. These types offer edible scapes in late spring and the bulbs are especially well suited to roasting. Easy to peel.

STORAGE LIFE - 4 to 6 months from harvest


Chesnok Red:  Considered the best variety for roasting with its ultra sweet flavor and creamy texture. Perennially a best-seller. Try it roasted and stirred into aioli, hummus, or mashed potatoes.

Deerfield Purple: Moderately mild flavor for a Purple Stripe with a spicy, but not-too-spicy finish. Try it minced and sautéed atop grilled chicken!

Metechi: Fiery raw flavor with a nice, mellow finish. Sweetens considerably when roasted.  Larger cloves than many Purple Stripes. Try it in stir-fries and pilafs!

Northe:  Fairly hot flavor when raw that becomes mild when cooked. Try it in enchiladas!

Persian Star: Full flavored with just a touch of spicy zing, making this one an outstanding choice for raw uses. Try it in pico de gallo!

Red Grain: Medium strength flavor is not too spicy and not too mild. Rich yet sweet when cooked; somewhat strong without being overpowering when used raw. Try it sliced thick, sautéed, and added to burgers!

Artichoke Type

These softneck garlic bulbs have wide ranging flavor profiles between varieties, from very light and mild to robust, rich, and zingy. Cloves are various sizes and form in layers similar in shape to an artichoke. Clove skins are tightly adhered, making them more difficult to peel than Porcelains and Purple Stripes, but longer storing.

STORAGE LIFE - 8 to 10 months from harvest


Burque: Moderately zingy flavor. Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Try it in white bean chicken chili!

California Early: Semi-rich, fairly light flavor is suitable for a variety of uses - roasted, everyday cooking, and even raw. Originally from Gilroy, California. Try it sliced and baked with veggies!

Early Red Italian:  A little pungent with semi-robust flavor and a light bite. Earlier to harvest than many garlic strains. Try it in pestos, sauces, and even raw!

Inchelium Red: Mild yet flavorful and is a top-rated softneck for taste. A consistent best-seller. Try it in a marinade for salmon!

Island Star: Richly flavored with just a touch of sweetness. Try it in fresh salsa!

K’s Backyard: Nice and robust with classic Italian flavor. A rare heirloom variety originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Try it in traditional spaghetti sauce!

Lorz Italian:  An heirloom with bold, lasting flavor. Often considered “a real garlic lover’s garlic”. Try it in pomodoro sauce over sweet potato noodles!

Madrid: Very mild flavor with the slightest touch of heat. Originally from Spain as the name suggests. Try it in paella!

Susanville: Well-rounded yet mellow flavor. Originally from northern California. Try using it in pickles!

Transylvanian: It boasts a spicy, sharp bite. Originally from Romania. Try it to keep vampires away (or meatballs, it’s good in meatballs too)!

Silverskin Type

Silverskins are part of the soft neck subgroup of garlics and are perhaps the most widely known due to their prevalence at grocery stores, because they are generally the longest storing. Their creamy white bulbs offer an abundance of cloves, varying greatly in size (the ones in the center can often be quite small). Flavors range from mild and warm to quite strong and zingy.

STORAGE LIFE - 12 months or more from harvest


Idaho Silver: Zingy and hot when used raw, but the flavor mellows considerably when cooked or roasted. Try mincing and sprinkling it over hasselback potatoes!

Mexican Red Silver: Especially hot and strong while raw; mild and warm when cooked. Try mixing it into taco filling!

Mild French: Bold, rich flavor and moderately pungent. A creamy white bulb with gorgeously contrasting caramel colored clove wrappers. Try it with pot roast!

Nootka Rose: Strong, garlicky flavor. Rosy hued clove wrappers contrast beautifully with the milky white outer bulb wrappers. An heirloom variety originally from Washington. The longest storing garlic we grow and an annual best seller. Try it in shakshuka!

Sicilian Silver: Very pungent raw flavor that becomes nice and smooth when cooked. Originally from Sicily.  Try it with shrimp!

Silver White: Mild, well-rounded flavor that makes this one a lovely all-purpose garlic. Try it grated into your favorite recipes!

St. Helens: Hot raw flavor that mellows and becomes nutty when roasted. An heirloom variety originally from Washington. Try it stirred into macaroni & cheese!